Metal Barns with Living Quarters

Metal Barns with Living Quarters

Metal barns do not just have to be for storage and work; they can also be designed to offer quality living accommodation so that you can create a home to be proud of. With more people looking for steel barns with living quarters, now is the time to get yours installed to your exact specification!


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Why Metal Barns with Living Quarters Are Great

When it comes to choosing the best metal barn kits, the ones with living quarters offer a versatility that you may not have experienced before. Take a look at some of the biggest pros to installing one on your land:


They are easy to maintain

The great thing about metal buildings is that they do not require extensive maintenance to stay in good shape. Plus, they are strong and can resist fire, pests, mold, and even extreme weather.


They offer safety and security

Protecting your loved ones and valuables is easy with steel as it is incredibly sturdy and built to last so that you can go to sleep at night safe in the knowledge that everyone is safe.


Affordability is key

Metal barn kits are not just a great investment, but they are affordable too. They cost less to build than wooden buildings and cost less to maintain, making them the ideal choice.


They are simple to install

Metal barn kits come pre-fabricated and ready to install so that you can do it yourself with a group of friends and enjoy the achievement of building your own place!


They offer great durability

Built with extreme weather and heavy snow loads in mind, metal barns will provide you with long-lasting protection.


They are good for the environment

As steel is infinitely recyclable, and all steel buildings are made with a certain amount of recycled steel, they are a great eco-friendly choice.


You can customize them

Creating a building that reflects your own design and fits your individual needs is possible with metal barns with living quarters. From floor plans to windows and doors to height, you can pick everything to suit what you want.


They are versatile

Metal buildings are great because they provide endless possibilities and genuine versatility. Use it however you want to get the best results, and know that this can be changed as your needs change.


They are energy efficient

Saving money on your utilities is easy with steel as they offer great levels of insulation and store heat better in the winter, and reflect it in the summer so that the internal temperatures are always ideal.

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Create the Home
You’ve Been
Dreaming Of

The great thing about metal buildings with living quarters is that you can create the interior you’ve always dreamed of. At American Metal Buildings, we provide the outer shell of your metal building home, but we do not furnish it. Steel building homes are versatile, allowing you to utilize them in different ways.

A man cave

Providing the men in your life with somewhere to relax and unwind.

A breakfast terrace

Giving you the pleasure of enjoying your morning coffee in comfort, outside.

An outdoor living room

If you love entertaining, then impress your guests with a perfectly styled outdoor living room.

Nature-inspired home

If you want your property to blend in with nature, then choosing natural materials and colors to decorate will help you achieve your goal.

A garage-style entrance

Add large garage doors to your property to make access easier for both your living and working space.

A spacious balcony

If you want to enjoy some beautiful views, then adding a balcony will give you the space you need to soak up the great outdoors in comfort.

A pool room

Fancy hosting some epic pool parties? Why not install a pool on the ground floor so that your guests can take a dip.

A modern look

If you want your metal building with living quarters to look modern, then work to create the right floor plan with the right external finishes to achieve your unique property.

Achieve Success by Following Our Tips

To get the finish you want, avoid making simple mistakes by following these tips:

  • Don’t forget to install a level foundation to build on.
  • Get all the required permits in place before starting your build.
  • Stick to the same professionals for the whole project to achieve consistency.
  • Take the time to choose the right metal building for your needs.
  • Take the time to cost the entire project so that you do not run out of cash.
  • Only DIY if you have the skills and experience required.
  • Buy a property with the certifications needed for your area.
Metal Barns with Living Quarters

Build Your Own Metal Barn Kit for Maximum Fulfillment

If you love the idea of building your own home but don’t know where to start, then metal barn kits are a great way forward. Steel barns with living quarters from American Metal Buildings are simple to install and come with a detailed manual and a wide range of accessories that will make the process as simple as possible. This means that you can gather a group of trusted friends and enjoy building your new property to your own timescale.

Each kit will be carefully prepared so that you don’t encounter any problems as you put it up. The contents of the kit will include:

  • Roof panels
  • Wall panels
  • Metal framing
  • Window and door frames
  • Anchors
  • Braces
  • Support posts
  • Screws
  • User-Manual
  • And more!

When it arrives, all you need to do is take inventory of the components, get everyone together and start building – in next to no time, your building will be ready to enjoy.

The Cost of Metal Barndominiums and Tax Information

Whether your new barn is taxable or not depends on the area you live in and the regulations that govern the area. For example, some areas will expect tax for the area that is lived in, others only tax the area that is heated. To get a clear idea, it is worth speaking to your local assessor. Some of the other factors that impact the cost of steel barns with living quarters are as follows:

The size of the building

The size of the building

The bigger your building, the more you will be expected to pay, so it is important to choose a size that works for your needs and your budget.

Your customization choices

Your customization choices

Metal buildings can be fully customized to suit your tastes, but the way you choose to customize can have a bearing on the overall cost.

The price of steel

The price of steel

The price of steel fluctuates depending on supply and demand, so think about ordering at a time where the supply is greater than the demand to get the best deal.

Where you are located

Where you are located

The cost of your kit will vary depending on where in the country you are located, where you want to install the property, and what permits, certifications, and zoning rules you need to adhere to.

Getting Your Land Ready for a New Metal Barn with Living Quarters

When you are ready to build your new property, you will need to prepare the site properly before delivery and ensure that you have adhered to all the local regulations so that there are no problems further down the road. Take a look at what you need to do to prepare properly:

  • How to prepare your site – you will need to clear the site of all debris, vegetation, and other barriers and then level the site ready for the foundation. Failing to level the site properly will cause a lot of problems with installation, so this needs to be done with care. Next, choose your foundation material (concrete, gravel & asphalt are popular choices) and ensure that it is laid level. Allow it to dry properly, and then you will be ready to build.
  • Arranging the right permits – you will also need to check in with your local county to find out what permits are required in the area you live. Once you have found out, you can then get to work on meeting the requirements and submitting your application.

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Metal Barns with Living Quarters Metal Barns with Living Quarters
Metal Barns with Living Quarters

Metal Building Financing

By partnering with GreenSky, American Metal Buildings gives you safe, simple financing options. The benefits of this partnership are numerous. Check out a few of the key features below.

  • Metal Building - Quick Application ProcessQuick Application
  • Metal Building - No Hidden FeesNo Hidden Fees
  • Metal Building - Easy ApplyEasy Apply
  • Metal Building - No Penalty For Pre-paymentNo Penalty For


The second financing option available is a rent-to-own program by American Metal Buildings. This financing program offers several unique benefits, including those listed below.

  • Metal Building - No Credit CheckNo Credit Check
  • Metal Building - Month-to-Month ContractMonth-to-Month
  • Metal Building - Instant ApprovalInstant Approval
  • Metal Building - Payoff AnytimePayoff Anytime
Metal Barns with Living Quarters

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Our primary mission is to provide the whole of America with the highest quality metal buildings for sustainability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. We have a super-talented team of designers, technical experts, building specialists, and installers ready to work with you on customizing and installing your dream steel building flawlessly.

Call us now on to connect with our building specialist and place an order with easy customization options on your metal building.

Metal Barns with Living Quarters Metal Barns with Living Quarters
Metal Barns with Living Quarters

Get Your Metal Barn with Living Quarters from American Metal Buildings

If you are ready to buy your new metal barn with living quarters, then American Metal Buildings is here for you. We are the leading supplier of metal buildings in America and offer a range of services, including a full customization service so that your building can reflect your needs. Call us today at +1 (877) 277-3060 to arrange a quote!

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