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If you have been looking for a high-quality metal workshop building, American Metal Buildings has got you covered. We are the experts you can trust to deliver exactly what you want. We offer a wide range of metal buildings that are designed to meet your needs and budget. Whether you need a simple small workshop to pursue your hobby or a large custom building for your business, we have the perfect structure. You can choose from barns, garages, carports, custom buildings, commercial buildings, clear span buildings, and more. These highly affordable steel buildings are built with the highest quality of galvanized steel, ensuring that your workshop stands the test of time.

Our building specialists also take extra care in constructing your building to meet the highest safety standards and provide you with the benefit of FREE delivery and installation. We also provide flexible financing options to ensure you get the building you need without breaking the bank. Contact us today at +1 (877) 277-3060 and let us help you create the perfect workshop metal building.


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Roof Style – More than Just Looks

Roofing styles for workshop buildings are typically crafted to ensure that your metal building is going to be durable, resistant to the weather, and reliable when push comes to shove. That’s why we offer a vertical roof style for our big buildings like our workshops. This roofing style is best for workshops because there are no limitations on size! Unlike other roofing styles, a vertical roof allows you to go as big as you’d like with your workshop.

Further, you live somewhere that experiences heavy snowfall, strong winds, or other inclement weather; you may want to consider the vertical roof style. Why? Because it utilizes vertical roof panels instead of horizontal ones to dramatically increase strength and weight-bearing capacity—which we believe is perfect for large metal buildings like our workshops!

Customizations – Don’t Settle for Less

One of the major appeals of workshop buildings from American Metal Buildings is how customizable they are. It is this ability to customize your metal workshop building to your needs that makes them so versatile.

You can choose a roof style, the size of your building, the type and number of doors (roll-up and walk-in), windows, thickness of the framing, necessary certifications, and color, just to name a few!

The Benefits of Steel Workshop Buildings

The advantages of choosing a workshop building are too numerous to list. From the customization and versatility to the incredible durability, you really can’t go wrong. We’ve listed a few of our favorite benefits below!

  • Maintenance – Unlike traditional wooden structures, steel workshop buildings do not suffer from pests, mold, or other common threats. As such, they require little to no maintenance. If that’s not a great benefit, we don’t know what is!
  • Scalable – Everyone has different needs, and a major part of those needs is the space needed to facilitate their work. Workshop buildings can be custom sized to your exact specifications.
  • Strength – Metal workshop buildings are exceptionally strong thanks to their steel construction and clever design. In the face of inclement weather, they stand strong. As time passes, they remain durable and lasting. A workshop building is sure to serve you well for decades!

Affordability and Scalability

Because workshops are used most often for commercial purposes, we offer plenty of large sizes, such as – 30’x41’, 45’x101’, 60’x100’ that can accommodate any needs you might need to be met! When we talk about pricing them, our workshop buildings can cost around $15,000 (for a 30’x41’), $66,000 (for a 45’x101’), $76,500 (for a 60’x100’) and continue to range the larger they are built! Of course, the size can be customized to best fit your needs, also influencing price is your geographic location and the customizations you choose to make to your building.

American Metal Buildings has excellent financing options in place for those looking to purchase a metal workshop building of their own. A financing program is available, as is a rent-to-own program!

Considerations Before You Purchase

Before you purchase your dream workshop building, you should consider the preparations that must be done.

For example, you should have a proper site picked and prepared. It should be level and free of obstructions that may interfere with delivery and installation. It is vital that you know the permit requirements of your area and secure the right permissions before purchasing and installing your building, too. Failing to do so could land you with fines and require that you remove your brand-new building.

Buying from American Metal Buildings

When making an investment, why work with anyone other than the best? American Metal Buildings has established itself as the leading dealer of metal buildings in the United States thanks to its superb quality, fantastic customer service, and excellent customer experiences.

American Metal Buildings’ delivers and installs metal workshop buildings in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, which allows you to simply place your order, sit back, and relax while the hard work is done for you.

If you have further questions, are interested in receiving a quote, or are ready to make your dream workshop building purchase, don’t hesitate to call our experts today on +1 (877) 277-3060.

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