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Metal buildings are a reliable, durable solution for people all across the United States—they’re easy to use, virtually maintenance-free, and can be a priceless investment that can best protect your belongings, vehicles, commercial equipment, and so much more.

And while American Metal Buildings prides itself on offering the most affordable prices on the metal building market, we also understand that sometimes, paying a full sum outright for a metal building isn’t always an option on the table. For us, we simply don’t think that should stand in anyone’s way when it comes to finding or customizing the metal buildings of their dreams.

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American Metal Buildings
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American Metal Buildings
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Why You Should Consider a Rent-to-Own Metal Building?

Investing in a metal building can help further your commercial, residential, or recreational goals easily and quickly—that being said, it’s not always feasible to pay outright for such a big (but useful) investment. At American Metal Buildings, we understand that it’s not always possible to purchase a metal building outright—and we hardly think that should stop you from getting the metal building of your dreams. Our program is direct, transparent, and seamless—you take care of the monthly payment, we’ll take care of the rest. Our rent to own program is quick, easy, and stress-free—because, at the end of the day, you deserve the metal building that’s going to change your life, your home, or your business. With our program, you won’t spend hours in an office filling out paperwork, stressing over how to balance monthly payments, or worry about wasting money or paying exorbitant interest. Our experienced team will guide you through your decision

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How it works

The best part? The actual step-by-step process for applying and investing in our rent to own program is easy as can be! We’ve listed out the steps right here to give you a better idea of what the process looks like:

American Metal Buildings

Submission & Acceptance

We’ll take your personal information and gather info on the customized metal building as well through our online forms for a quick, direct approach.

American Metal Buildings

Initial Down Payment & Monthly Scheduling

Once approved, we’ll help you set up monthly payments after you’ve made your initial down payment or deposit.

American Metal Buildings


Once we’ve got everything lined up and cleared, we’ll deliver your building and install it within our 4-6-week period. We’re proud to have the best lead times in the industry.

American Metal Buildings

Monthly Payment – On-Time

All you need to worry about is paying your agreed rates every month on time. The rest is up to us!

What’s better? You’ll never run into hidden fees or charges—even if you pay your building off faster than initially planned. The timeline, the payments, and the payoff are all totally up to you. That’s it! See, the RTO process is simple, streamlined, and efficient, helping you receive your metal building in a snap!

The Benefits of RTO Program for


Our faithful customers who reside in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma will love our rent to own financing option for several reasons. Not only do we make the rent to own option as simple and transparent as possible, but we also provide our RTO customers with tons of additional benefits. When you choose our rent to own program, you receive benefits like:

American Metal Buildings

No Credit Check

Our RTO financing program does not require a credit check for metal building investments up to $15,000. This is perfect for our customers who need a metal building quickly but are not in the perfect position to build up their credit score beforehand.

American Metal Buildings

Instant Approval

We don’t make you wait! We can approve you quickly and efficiently—from instant approval to a few hours wait, you’ll be enrolled in our program in a snap, which means you’re that much closer to receiving your metal building.

American Metal Buildings

Month-to-Month Contract

Set up payment plans every month that work perfectly for you. Forget all about dreading those huge chunks of cash that disappear every month—work with us to create a customized monthly payment you can afford!

American Metal Buildings

Payoff Anytime

Like we mentioned, the payoff schedule we agree on is totally up to you. You’re allotted up to 60 months to pay off your metal building, but if you want to pay it off faster, you’re more than welcome to. Further, if you pay off your building before our agreed time, you’ll face absolutely no repercussion. When you work with American Metal Buildings, you never need to worry about penalties, hidden fees, or costs you didn’t expect.

American Metal Buildings

Rent to Own

The Seamless & Efficient Way to Get Your Metal Building Today
At American Metal Buildings, our overall goal is to get every customer the perfect metal building for their unique purposes, which is why we believe in easy, direct, and seamless financing opportunities for the people who mean the most to us—our clients. Never again let the fear of an outright payment scare you away from purchasing the metal building of your dreams—with American Metal Buildings, you can have your metal building ASAP without fear of nicking your hard-earned finances. We encourage you to reach out to us, get in touch, and talk with one of our representatives on +1 (877) 277-3060 —whether you want to chat about your own, customized metal building, our options, or our RTO program, we’re here for you!
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