Durable and Affordable 42’-50’ Wide Metal Buildings

Explore the wide range of 42′-50′ metal buildings available at American Metal Buildings, that offer versatility and durability to meet your variety of needs. Whether you need a garage, carport, barn, storage building, commercial metal buildings, clear span building, warehouse, and more, we have got you covered. With metal buildings, you get more for your money compared to wooden buildings. Not only are these steel structures sturdier and more durable, but they require less maintenance and are resistant to the elements, making them the perfect choice for your long-term storage needs. At American Metal Buildings, we design and customize each structure with high-quality steel in order to provide you with the structure you need. Our building specialists are here to help you at every step of your building project. Call us at +1 (877) 277-3060 and let us help you realize your structure in no time. There are no additional fees for delivery and installation too; it’s completely FREE!


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Astounding Protection from Galvanized Steel on Your 42’-50’ Wide Metal Building

Our steel buildings are made of galvanized steel to ensure adequate protection under the harshest weather conditions. Galvanized steel undergoes a series of precise procedures – like cleaning and degreasing, pickling, fluxing, galvanization, and inspection – before we use it for construction. That way, we are confident that your building will stand the test of time. How are we sure of that?

  • Galvanized steel is more rust-resistant than any ordinary steel in the market. The zinc coating does not corrode for decades. And, the coat offers excellent protection, even to sharp corners and recesses, which other materials wouldn’t coat properly.
  • Galvanized steel lasts over 50 years on an average.
  • Lastly, galvanized steel offers a lower initial cost than other treated steels. And, it does not call for additional surface preparations.

42’-50’ Wide Metal Buildings Come with a Vertical Roof for Maximum Strength

Our 42’-50’ Wide Steel Buildings intentionally come with a vertical roof design only. Arranging the roof panels vertically ensure that snow, leaves, and debris fall off more efficiently. If the ridges were horizontal, the loads would pile up and increase the chances of structural failure.

What’s more, vertical roofs have extra hat channels running throughout the entire length of the roof. This addition enhances the strength and overall sturdiness of the structure. Such fine details are incredibly crucial, especially for large steel buildings.

Worried about Building Permits for 42’-50’ Wide Metal Buildings?

Some regions may require a permit before you start digging a foundation, even for small buildings. In other places, however, building permits are only necessary for large projects. The procedure for getting one is pretty straightforward:

  • Consult a local code official concerning the conditions for acquiring a license and whether you need one in the first place.
  • Get all the necessary documentation ready and submit your permit request.
  • So long as you comply with the laws, you get your permit!

Flexible Prices on all Sizes in the 42’-50’ Wide Metal Buildings Class

The buildings in this category begin at a width of 42’ and rise by 2’ increments up to 50’. The lengths start at 21’ and go up by 5’. The only reason why we use the width to categorize steel building sizes that that’s where the design challenges are. With the length, we can always go as far as you want, or even connect several buildings.

The final price tag on your buildings will depend on various factors, including added customizations, location, and size (length, width, and height). We try our best to fight off other external factors such as fuel costs and the price of steel in the industry. So you can always get your dream metal building at affordable rates. The prices of 42’-50’ Wide Metal Buildings generally start at $15,500.

We boast the best RTO and financing programs in the industry, helping our customers get the buildings they want even without much money. Our RTO program is a perfect fit when your credit rating is not high enough. You only have to pay a small initial amount, get your building, and continue using it as you make monthly payments to clear the remaining amount.

We also have partnerships with various financial institutions across the country, enabling us to offer our customers some of the best financing options in the steel building industry.

Free Delivery and Installation of Your 42’-50’ Wide Metal Buildings

American Metal Buildings give better lead times than any other steel structure provider. We bring your building in just 4-6 weeks. Are you in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, or North Carolina? We got you covered with free delivery and installation.

Think American Metal Buildings for Your Steel Building Solutions

American Metal Buildings is armed with a team of highly qualified building specialists that puts us in a unique position to deliver fantastic customer service. We are on a mission to design, build, and sell American-made buildings to America, creating more jobs in the country.

We guarantee our customers get the lowest prices on metal buildings and the best lead times in the industry, complete with free delivery and installation on level surfaces. American Metal Buildings is the one reliable Go-To Metal Buildings dealer in the country. From residential to commercial to agricultural to semi-industrial to motorhome buildings, we take care of everything.

Call us now on +1 (877) 277-3060 to get a free quote and talk to our building specialist for further inquiries.

42’-50’ Wide Metal Buildings 42’-50’ Wide Metal Buildings
42’-50’ Wide Metal Buildings