Arkansas Metal Buildings

The Land of Opportunity calls for top-quality AR metal buildings

Arkansas is a state on the rise. Known as the Land of Opportunity, the growth potential of Arkansas is extraordinarily high, making the demand for new structures skyrocket. As a result, the construction industry is booming.

Metal buildings are the perfect solution to the ever-expanding needs that Arkansas is experiencing. They are able to fill a vast array of applications, making them a popular choice as the state continues to grow.


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Most Popular Buildings

We've been making online ordering easy and affordable for over 15 years. And we can help you find the perfect custom building for any need.

Great Selection of AR Steel Buildings

The metal buildings available from American Metal Buildings in Arkansas are numerous and diverse, ensuring that there is a design for anyone, no matter what their needs may be. Check out some of the most popular styles below!

Arkansas Metal Buildings

Clear-Span Buildings

Perfect for those that require large amounts of usable interior space, clear-span metal buildings have no columns or other structural elements interrupting the interior.

Arkansas Metal Buildings

Workshop Buildings

No matter what your workshop facilitates, it’s important that it streamlines your workflow. A workshop building from American Metal Buildings is sure to do just that.

Arkansas Metal Buildings

Commercial Metal Buildings

Having your business run smoothly is key to your success. A commercial metal building will help you be productive, efficient, and stress-free as it saves you from the headaches of rot, termite, mold/mildew. For American steel building kits, look no further than us, we supply shops and commercial metal structures with our manufacturing builders & engineering partners in Arkansas among other states.

Arkansas Metal Buildings

Metal Carports

Affordable and versatile, metal carports are the most cost-effective way to safeguard your cars, bikes, lawn equipment, and motorcycles from the weather elements. Our top only steel car ports and carport style garages can be customized in length, width, and height to meet your sheltering needs. We offer steel carport covers for RVs, boats, cars, vans, trailers, and metal sheds for produce, equipment, and storage needs. Talk to American Metal Buildings for best carport prices.

Arkansas Metal Buildings

Metal Garages

Available in several sizes and able to cover a variety of applications, you can’t go wrong when you invest in a metal garage from American Metal Buildings. Our garages can be built over existing structures or attached to a house for an extra labor fee. You can build up to 60 wide steel garages which can be as long as you need. We are the garage builders in Arkansas that can safeguard and protect your belongings from weather, theft, and elements.

Arkansas Metal Buildings

Metal Barns

From agricultural applications to more residential uses, metal barns provide valuable versatile space to fit your unique needs.

Arkansas Metal Buildings

Utility Buildings

A building is, in many ways, a tool. Utility buildings from American Metal Buildings act as the perfect tool to unlock the full potential of your application.

Metal Buildings in Arkansas

The versatile nature of AR steel buildings contributes heavily to their tremendous popularity and surging construction. They can fulfill a wide variety of needs, including those we’ve highlighted below.

American Metal Buildings


Protecting your crops, equipment, and livestock from outside threats is vital. Metal buildings offer cost-effective safety and security for these and other agricultural needs.

American Metal Buildings


From acting as your headquarters to housing the hub of your distribution network, the commercial applications of steel buildings are endless.

American Metal Buildings


Whether it’s for work, play, or something in-between, a steel structure can fill a variety of residential needs.

Areas We Serve in Arkansas Metal Buildings

Here's another reason to choose American metal buildings for your Arkansas Metal Buildings building. You don't have to worry about figuring out how to transport the materials or get your building installed. We'll deliver it to your site in Arkansas Metal Buildings AND perform your building installation for you, all at no extra charge! We've got you covered!

Customization Options for AR Metal Buildings

American Metal Buildings offer nearly unlimited customization of your metal building, allowing you to design it to fit your exact needs and preferences. We’ve highlighted just a few of the numerous customizable elements below to give you a preview of just how customizable your building truly is.


Roof Styles

  • Regular Roof – For temperate climates, regular roofs are the most affordable design thanks to their simple manufacturing and installation processes.
  • A-Frame Horizontal – Similar to the regular roof design but with additional bracing, framing, and eaves, A-frame horizontal roofs offer superior weather resistance.
  • Vertical Roof – The strongest design of the three, vertical roofs are ideal for those living in harsh climates.
Arkansas Metal Buildings


No matter what your needs may be, American Metal Buildings has a building sized right for you. You can even customize the dimensions to fit your specifications.

Steel Gauge

Thicker steel provides more strength, which is why American Metal Buildings give you a choice between various steel gauges.

Door and Windows

From letting in the sunshine to adding convenience unique to your applications, the location, number, and type of entrances and windows are up to you.

Arkansas Metal Buildings


Certification of your building is required in some areas. Even if it isn’t necessary, you may wish to opt for a certified building for the strength benefits this designation offers.


Pick the perfect anchor for your foundation with diverse options from American Metal Buildings.

Arkansas Metal Buildings


Curb appeal is dramatically influenced by the color of your building. With American Metal Buildings, you can choose from many stunning options.

  • Black


  • Burgundy


  • Brown


  • Green Forest

    Green Forest

  • Quaker Gray

    Quaker Gray

  • Pewter Gray

    Pewter Gray

  • Hawaiian Blue

    Hawaiian Blue

  • White


  • Mocha Tan

    Mocha Tan

  • Light Stone

    Light Stone

  • Taupe


  • P Beige

    P. Beige

  • Barn Red

    Barn Red

  • Clay


  • Galvalume


* Color samples may vary slightly from actual colors.

Disaster-Resistant AR Steel Buildings

Arkansas experiences an above-average risk of earthquakes, making it particularly susceptible to significant building damage. This risk, coupled with the other natural disasters that threaten the state from time-to-time, make the structural integrity of Arkansas buildings extremely important.

Steel buildings from American Metal Buildings use galvanized steel to increase strength and withstand such disasters.

Advantages of Steel Buildings in Arkansas

Steel buildings have numerous advantages over traditional buildings, including impressive strength, resistance to common downfalls (such as mold and pests), unparalleled longevity, unbeatable bang-for-your-buck, and little to no required maintenance. Give American Metal Buildings a call today on +1 (877) 277-3060 for insight on even more advantages.

Prices for Metal Buildings AR

The cost of your building will be influenced by your location, the size of your metal building, and the customizations you choose to make. American Metal Buildings is happy to help guide you through the pricing process and offer you two fantastic financing options—a financing program and a rent-to-own option.

Financing Options For Your Building

To help ensure you can order and put your prefab metal building to use quickly and easily, American Metal Buildings offer two financing options. These fantastic programs make already-affordable metal buildings even more accessible to Americans.

Whether you opt for the financing program or the rent-to-own option, American Metal Buildings boast itself on its ability and willingness to help everyone find the financial plan that works best for them and their unique circumstances!

Arkansas Metal Buildings
Arkansas Metal Buildings Arkansas Metal Buildings

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Arkansas Metal Buildings Arkansas Metal Buildings
Arkansas Metal Buildings
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