Prefabricated Metal Garages at Great Prices for Storing Your Cars & Other Valuables

American Metal Buildings offers a wide range of durable custom metal garages at the most affordable prices across the nation. Our buildings are designed and built with 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel framing making them a long-lasting structure. With our variety of metal buildings, including regular roof garages, frame roof garages, one-car garages, two-car garages, custom garages, and more, you can easily find the one that meets your requirements and budget. You can design and completely customize your structure according to your requirement. From size, color, and roof style to doors, windows, anchors, panels, and trims, you can choose the custom feature you want for your building. Our team of highly skilled professionals will help you find the structure you need. All our buildings are highly energy-efficient and require less maintenance compared to other buildings, saving you tons of money. Call us today at +1 (877) 277-3060 to learn more about 100+ sizes and styles of garages, various customization options, and prices.

Our prefabricated garages are custom-built for your needs and delivered and installed for your convenience. Detached pre-engineered garage kits are the best solution for your home and business needs. These custom-sized garages serve as the best and most cost-effective solution for storing your car, gardening equipment, holiday decorations, and everything else that you don’t want to cram into your living area.

If you don’t have a garage or wish there was extra space, consider a metal garage. It will serve you well, as other owners would testify. Our steel garages are engineered precisely to be highly usable, cost-efficient, durable, convenient, and energy-efficient. Call us for an experience that spans from start to finish in your garage buying experience. We also promise the best prices on our fully customizable enclosed garage buildings.

We offer a wide range of multipurpose metal garages throughout the USA. From regular roof garages, A-frame roof garages, residential style garages, vertical roof garages, to one-car garages, two-car garages, triple-wide garages, RV garages, side entry garages, and many more. Connect with our building experts today for all your metal building needs, be it customization, design, delivery, and installation throughout the United Nations.


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Our Metal Garage Types

What do you expect from your new garage? We wouldn’t want you to go through all the trouble of shopping only to end up with a misfit. Here are the types of garages that we offer, although we can always modify them to your convenience.

Metal Garages

Residential Garage

A residential garage adds storage space as well as value to your property. Our residential garages are designed to be durable and aesthetically pleasing. They can also double as a storage space or a shop building. You could go with a 2-car, 3-car, side entry, or any other style and size that you like.

Metal Garages

Single-Car Garage

The one-car garage is a great way to shelter a single car or truck from whimsical weather. It is quite affordable because it blends well with every roof style. This garage can serve you adequately as a storage place or a dream playroom for your kids.

Metal Garages

2-Car Metal Garage

A two-car garage has a width between 20ft and 24ft, although it is entirely up to you. This steel garage offers ample space for two cars or a single car and all your gardening equipment, holiday decorations, and so much more!

Metal Garages

3-Car garage

You will get a very spacious storage area for parking up to 3 cars with our 3-car garage. Just like the other garages on this list, you can customize this metal garage to serve multiple purposes. For instance, you could partition it to have several separate rooms. The doors could be included or left open, and you may also have one side for parking and the other for storage.

Metal Garages

Side-Entry Garage

The side-entry steel garage has doors placed symmetrically along the sides. They are incredibly versatile, providing a larger storage space than any other garage. It is a great option, especially when the garage has to be placed along the road or the fence.

Key Features of
Our Steel Garages

American Metal Buildings

Advanced Improvements

We have insulation coatings for climate control, frameout options that can fit any doors, and so much more. We like to keep up with the latest metal garage technologies to help our customers acquire the best in the market.

American Metal Buildings

Quick and Smooth Installations

We design the parts of our garages to fall in place flawlessly without the need for modifications. Therefore, the installation procedure is short, quick, and straightforward. Prefabricating parts to snap in easily also saves on time and money.

American Metal Buildings


Everyone has a unique taste, so we allow you to customize the entire thing with the help of our design engineers. You can design everything to suit your specific functionality and aesthetic needs so that your garage is precisely as good as you expected.

American Metal Buildings

Extremely Weather Resistant

Weather elements, combined with time, can be very ruthless to metal structures. We provide steel garages that can withstand the test of time as well as the elements. Our galvanized steel is not only more resistant to corrosion but also stronger.

American Metal Buildings


Our architects and engineers work together to come up with steel garages that are highly cost-efficient and usable. We help our customers save much money on their garage, enabling them to make other investments.

American Metal Buildings


We design garages that are energy-efficient, strong, and long-lasting so that you enjoy using your garage at little-to-no maintenance cost for years to come.

American Metal Buildings
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Easy Customization Options

What’s the pointof a metallic building if you can’t make it look exactly the way you want? Here are the customization options that we have for you.

Different Color Options

Color is the first thing anyone notices when they look at a building. You might want to blend it with the other structures or pick a different color that you find attractive. Either way, American Metal Buildings has you covered.

  • Black


  • Burgundy


  • Brown


  • Green Forest

    Green Forest

  • Quaker Gray

    Quaker Gray

  • Pewter Gray

    Pewter Gray

  • Hawaiian Blue

    Hawaiian Blue

  • White


  • Mocha Tan

    Mocha Tan

  • Light Stone

    Light Stone

  • Taupe


  • P Beige

    P. Beige

  • Barn Red

    Barn Red

  • Clay


  • Galvalume


* Color samples may vary slightly from actual colors.

Customizable Sides and Ends

How do you want your sides and ends to look? You could include gabled ends, have the doors on the sides or ends or even leave one side open. For more room, you could extend the space with a lean-to roof on the side. Just let us know what you want.


A certified steel structure is designed to meet local metal building requirements in terms of wind speed and snow load. They are more enduring than non-certified garages and must be placed on a concrete slab.

Certified steel garages are built with a lower gauge metal than non-certified ones, which means they are stronger. Different regions have unique regulations concerning metal building certification depending on the climate.

American Metal Buildings has multiple certified buildings for you depending on your location, so you don’t have to worry about passing building inspection or spending too much on metal garage standards that are way beyond your local regulations.

Our Metal Garage Prices

Various factors will determine the price of your dream metal garage, including dimensions, roof-style, and customization options. The advantage of being able to customize your steel garage is that you get the chance to include just as much as you can afford. Our prices range from as low as $3,400 for a regular roof garage measuring 12’W x 20’L x 7’H to about $31,400 for a 54 x 40 x 14 garage with a lean-to roof, two side entries, and one end entry. The bottom line; if you can imagine it, we can build it at affordable rates.

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Financing Options For Your Building

To help ensure you can order and put your prefab metal building to use quickly and easily, American Metal Buildings offer two financing options. These fantastic programs make already-affordable metal buildings even more accessible to Americans.

Whether you opt for the financing program or the rent-to-own option, American Metal Buildings boast itself on its ability and willingness to help everyone find the financial plan that works best for them and their unique circumstances!

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Metal Garages
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Metal Garages
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