Versatile and Affordable 32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings

At American Metal Buildings, we value the importance of quality and affordability. Therefore, we have a wide range of 32′-40′ buildings available to suit every budget. Our buildings include garages, carports, barns, RV covers, custom structures, storage buildings, metal sheds, and more. With rising construction costs, choosing a metal building is a smart investment that saves you money without compromising on quality. Unlike wooden buildings that require constant maintenance and repairs, our metal buildings are built to last, ensuring long-term savings. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. As your trusted metal building specialists, we customize your building to meet your specific needs. Call us at +1 (877) 277-3060 to discuss your building project and get the benefit of FREE delivery and installation today!


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For all Your Building Needs

Metal Buildings have taken root in our society, and it’s for a good reason – they are durable, affordable, functional, safer, and easier to install, among many other benefits they bring to the table. And, they satisfy every need from a home to a large industrial complex.

There’s no denying these structures are gaining more and more popularity in the U.S. with each passing day. American Metal Buildings is proud to introduce to you 32’-40’ Wide Metal Structures that can meet every need you’d want, all while beating traditional buildings at many levels.

Vertical Roof on Large Metal Buildings for Exceptional Strength

Our 32’-40’ Wide Steel Buildings come with a vertical roof for maximum protection, even under heavy snow and winds. The roof panels are arranged vertically with ridges running from top-down, so that snow, leaves, and debris slide right off instead of weighing down on the building.

Additionally, they come with extra hat channels that keep your building sturdy throughout its years of service. The pre-rated wind and snow loads are 140mph and 30PSF,respectively, but we can go higher depending on your needs and the loads expected in your area.

Rest Easy with a Certified 32’-40’ Wide Metal Building

Our Certified Metal Buildings are specially designed by professionals to meet the specific weather needs – heavy rain, wind, and snow loads – of various locations. Some local/regional authorities define metal building standards for safety purposes, in which case there’ll be building inspection.

Besides helping you pass the building inspection, a certified 32’-40 Wide Metal Building also gives you peace of mind knowing that your things are safe. Not forgetting, it is sturdier, more durable, and comes with better warranties. However, they are significantly costlier than non-certified buildings.

Flexible Sizes and Price Tags on 32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings

How big do you want to go? Starting from 32’× 21’, the widths go up in increments of 2’. For instance, we have 32’× 26’, 32’× 31’, 34’×21’, 34’×26’, and so on.

The prices depend on various factors, including size, location, certification, and added customizations. Our 32’-40’ Wide Steel Buildings generally start selling at $13,000. We understand that our customers want value for their money, which is why we offer the most flexible size options and customizations.

We also have the most convenient RTO and financing programs for our customers, so you don’t have to worry about affording the exact building that you would like. Our RTO program allows you to get 32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings by paying the initial amount followed by subsequent monthly payments until you have cleared the full cost.

As for the financing option, we have partnered with various financing institutions across the country to ensure that you can pay for your building in full.

No Hassle! Free Delivery and Installation of 32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings

American Metal Buildings has the best lead times in the metal building industry. Are you in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Louisiana? We deliver your order within a few days (4-6 weeks), and it is all free of charge. Then, we install it for you – again, free of charge!

American Metal Buildings has a mission to design, build, and sell American-made buildings to America. To create more American jobs by providing real solutions to real construction problems.

Call our building specialist now on +1 (877) 277-3060 to get a free quote and further information.

32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings 32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings
32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings
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