32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings have taken root in our society, and it’s for a good reason – they are durable, affordable, functional, safer, and easier to install, among many other benefits they bring to the table. And, they satisfy every need from a home to a large industrial complex.

There’s no denying these structures are gaining more and more popularity in the U.S. with each passing day. American Metal Buildings is proud to introduce to you 32’-40’ Wide Metal Structures that can meet every need you’d want, all while beating traditional buildings at many levels.

32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings

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Endless Applications for Your 32’-40’ Wide Building

Most people assume that metal buildings are strictly for industrial purposes such as storage of heavy equipment or products and distribution centers, which is true. But steel buildings come with a ton of benefits – like clear span, fire resistance, ease of installation and moving, flexibility and functionality, reduced operational costs, and affordability. These properties give our buildings many other interesting applications, from residential to agricultural to commercial. We are talking nearly everything you can think of, including (but not limited to):

Aircraft Hangar

Clear-span rules again! The significant advantage of steel buildings for aircraft hangars is that they don’t have any columns taking up space. Moreover, they are simple to customize for specific aircraft and maintenance workflows. You could use one of these to house small planes such as the T38A and other trainer aircraft.

Agricultural Buildings

From housing animals to storage of equipment and grains, 32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings can take it all. Most customers love them because of the ample clear-span space, which allows for partitioning as well as storage of any large items. These structures are also multifunctional, allowing you to use the space for many agricultural purposes at the same time.

Commercial Buildings

These buildings will set you up for success in any endeavors you chose to partake. Talk of shopping centers, warehouses, and distribution centers. With a 32’-40’ Wide Steel structure, you’ll save on construction and operational costs, and the building will serve you better than any other traditional one.

Indoor Sporting facility

Basketball courts, gymnasiums, covered batting cages, indoor swimming pools, indoor soccer fields, hockey, ice skating. Should we go on? Our steel structures can handle it all with astounding durability, versatility, and affordability.

Storage Buildings

Whether it is mini storage, self-storage, or a residential storage buildings you need, there’s a perfect solution in 32-40’ Wide Custom Buildings. With easy partitioning, excellent light and heat reflection, ease of installation and expansion, cost efficiency, and so much more to offer, the performance of these buildings is simply unrivaled.

RV Shelters

RVs spend most of their time waiting for the next trip, which means they need the most protection from the elements. Otherwise, they would age too fast, especially as a result of UV rays. Also, the shelter must have ample headroom and adequate space, which is exactly what you get with 32’-40’ Wide Prefab Buildings. Whether it’s a business or you simply want something to house your RV while handling other storage needs and use-cases, you can always rely on one of these buildings.

Wedding and Event Venue

The airwaves are full of weddings, parties, and other events. Everyone is clamoring for unique, picturesque spaces. Steel buildings have especially gained so much popularity as wedding venues, giving a distinctive, rustic, and authentic feel.

Super-Convenient Customization Options

We can meet your taste in every single detail. Talk of colors, dimensions, location of doors and windows, HVAC systems, wiring, strength, dimensions, and shape, among others. Our building specialists can work with you to achieve it all. Here’s an overview:


The 32’-40’ Wide Prefab Buildings category comes with widths starting at 32’ feet, and increasing by 2ft up to 40ft. Do you want something in the middle? No worries – we can always get you the precise size that you want.

Color Options

Because we all have our favorite, right? Whether it is your best color or what you feel will resonate better in your line of business, we got you. We have a large color palette featuring various sheds of red, blue, burgundy, brown, gray, beige, and green. There’s also clay, white, black, sandstone, and tan, among others. Take a pick, and you got it.

  • Black

  • Burgundy

  • Brown

  • Green Forest

  • Quaker Gray

  • Pewter Gray

  • Hawaiian Blue

  • White

  • Mocha Tan

  • Light Stone

  • Taupe

  • P. Beige

  • Barn Red

  • Clay

  • Galvalume

* Color samples may vary slightly from actual colors.

12 & 14 Gauge

Industry standards for steel building frames are 12 & 14 gauges, the main difference being their thickness, which relates to strength and durability. 12-gauge steel pipes are thicker and sturdier than 14-gauge, allowing us to design more resistant structures that last for what seems like an eternity. In the case of a fire, 12-gauge can also withstand more prolonged heating before it shows any difference in structural soundness. 14-gauge gets the job done too, especially if you don’t expect much wind and snow loads in your area. If you are looking for the most robustness, however, you want to go with 12-gauge.

26- & 29-Gauge

For your roof, we have 26-gauge and 29-gauge sheeting. As expected, 26-gauge is stronger than 29-gauge, which also means that it has a bigger contribution to the overall sturdiness of the structure. Do you expect your roof to battle heavy snow loads and wind loads or a few impact forces that might cause denting? Then 26-gauge is the roof for you. In the case of light showers and snow or moderate winds, 29-gauge sheeting won’t fail you. Other than the strength, both roofs are great at reflecting light, and they appear pretty much the same.


We can install a variety of entries in your 32’-40’ Custom Building, including roll-up doors and walk-in doors. Sometimes you want a combination of both for easy access. Roll-up doors have a long lifespan and can take frequent opening and closing without breaking down. They are also affordable. Walk-in doors are more convenient for people to get in and out. Depending on how you plan to use your steel building, we could get you both or either of the doors.


You won’t miss a suitable window for your steel building. The location and height above the ground of your windows are also customizable. However, we cannot compromise the frame/beams to place a window. If you are extremely specific with the location of your windows, be sure to confirm with your design specialist concerning the frame placement beforehand. Our windows are “field located,” meaning that they do not come pre-installed.


These go where the windows and doors go. We’ve got different frame-outs for you to choose from depending on personal preferences. Another thing that could determine the type of frame you want to pick is whether the specific door or window is on the gable end or eave end. This might only affect the dimensions.We can also get you frame-outs in the colors that you like.


Anchors are almost as important as the building itself. They secure it firmly to the ground or foundation. We have unique anchors for different types of installation surfaces. Knowing the right anchor for your foundation is crucial not only for keeping your building intact during strong winds but also the kind of warranty you get.

  • Rebar anchors: these are the simplest type of anchors you will get with any steel buildings. They are suitable for installation on the ground. However, they can’t handle heavy winds as well as other types of anchors, and they don’t come with a wind warranty. You might want to look into different types of anchors for added protection.
  • Mobile home anchors: Also suitable for ground installation, these anchors offer more protection than rebar anchors. They are ideal for both hard and soft soils. They are screwed into the ground, providing a secure attachment. Mobile home anchors are also advantageous because you could get a wind warranty if you have them.
  • Concrete anchors: as the name suggests, this is the type of anchor you go with for installation on concrete foundations. They offer a more secure attachment than rebar and mobile home anchors. They work by expanding inside a hole drilled on the foundation, thus locking themselves within the slab and preventing any motion. We have different-sized concrete anchors depending on the slab thickness. While a thick foundation won’t be affected by small anchors, you don’t want to go big on a thin concrete foundation, or it could crack.
  • Asphalt anchors: These ensure a secure attachment to asphaltic surfaces. Asphalt foundations do not have the same properties as concrete, which is why concrete anchors won’t work here. They could cause cracking. Installation involves drilling a hole and filling it with grout, then pushing in the anchor until it is flush with the surface.


Certified steel buildings guarantee safety even during the weather extremes of your location. They also have a longer lifespan because they come in 12-gauge. What’s more, you get better warranties with certified buildings. For instance, 20-year rust-through guarantee, wind warranty, snow load warranty, and even workmanship. They are also easier to trust because you get building blueprints, and engineer ratings to help you pass local building inspection.

For all Your Building Needs

Metal Buildings have taken root in our society, and it’s for a good reason – they are durable, affordable, functional, safer, and easier to install, among many other benefits they bring to the table. And, they satisfy every need from a home to a large industrial complex.

There’s no denying these structures are gaining more and more popularity in the U.S. with each passing day. American Metal Buildings is proud to introduce to you 32’-40’ Wide Metal Structures that can meet every need you’d want, all while beating traditional buildings at many levels.

Vertical Roof on Large Metal Buildings for Exceptional Strength

Our 32’-40’ Wide Steel Buildings come with a vertical roof for maximum protection, even under heavy snow and winds. The roof panels are arranged vertically with ridges running from top-down, so that snow, leaves, and debris slide right off instead of weighing down on the building.

Additionally, they come with extra hat channels that keep your building sturdy throughout its years of service. The pre-rated wind and snow loads are 140mph and 30PSF,respectively, but we can go higher depending on your needs and the loads expected in your area.

Rest Easy with a Certified 32’-40’ Wide Metal Building

Our Certified Metal Buildings are specially designed by professionals to meet the specific weather needs – heavy rain, wind, and snow loads – of various locations. Some local/regional authorities define metal building standards for safety purposes, in which case there’ll be building inspection.

Besides helping you pass the building inspection, a certified 32’-40 Wide Metal Building also gives you peace of mind knowing that your things are safe. Not forgetting, it is sturdier, more durable, and comes with better warranties. However, they are significantly costlier than non-certified buildings.

Flexible Sizes and Price Tags on 32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings

How big do you want to go? Starting from 32’× 21’, the widths go up in increments of 2’. For instance, we have 32’× 26’, 32’× 31’, 34’×21’, 34’×26’, and so on.

The prices depend on various factors, including size, location, certification, and added customizations. Our 32’-40’ Wide Steel Buildings generally start selling at $13,000. We understand that our customers want value for their money, which is why we offer the most flexible size options and customizations.

We also have the most convenient RTO and financing programs for our customers, so you don’t have to worry about affording the exact building that you would like. Our RTO program allows you to get 32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings by paying the initial amount followed by subsequent monthly payments until you have cleared the full cost.

As for the financing option, we have partnered with various financing institutions across the country to ensure that you can pay for your building in full.

Financing Options For Your Building

To help ensure you can order and put your prefab metal building to use quickly and easily, American Metal Buildings offer two financing options. These fantastic programs make already-affordable metal buildings even more accessible to Americans.

Whether you opt for the financing program or the rent-to-own option, American Metal Buildings boast itself on its ability and willingness to help everyone find the financial plan that works best for them and their unique circumstances!

No Hassle! Free Delivery and Installation of 32’-40’ Wide Metal Buildings

American Metal Buildings has the best lead times in the metal building industry. Are you in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Louisiana? We deliver your order within a few days (4-6 weeks), and it is all free of charge. Then, we install it for you – again, free of charge!

American Metal Buildings has a mission to design, build, and sell American-made buildings to America. To create more American jobs by providing real solutions to real construction problems.

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