12'-24’ Wide Garages

The Ultimate Multipurpose Steel Buildings

Did you know that 80% of homebuyers consider garage space before making their decision? Perhaps it’s the workshop area we need, a home office, storage, or even just parking space for our cars. No matter the reason, we all value our garages. It’s no wonder steel garages are gaining increasing popularity in the US! If you are thinking of getting one, consider somewhere between 12-24′ wide garages. They are so versatile, and come in a convenient size.


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What’s the point of dealing with steel – such a workable material – if we can’t do a few customizations? 12-24′ wide prefab garages come with a lot of customization options. You can get the exact garage that you want in terms of both strength and appearance. Here are the alternatives:


We have a wide range of sizes available. You could pick any size from 12 feet to 18, 20, 22, or 24 feet wide. These are standard sizes. However, if you want something in between, you can always choose to customize the size of your garage fully.

Color Options

We’ve got you covered with over 14 color choices. Worried about costs? You don’t have to – the standard colors do not lead to additional charges. You may pick a different one for the trim, sides, roof, and doors. Also, you could choose to have a uniform color. It’s totally up to you. The colors are durable and enhance the rust-proof properties of the already galvanized steel that comes with your 12-24′ wide custom garage.

  • Black


  • Burgundy


  • Brown


  • Green Forest

    Green Forest

  • Quaker Gray

    Quaker Gray

  • Pewter Gray

    Pewter Gray

  • Hawaiian Blue

    Hawaiian Blue

  • White


  • Mocha Tan

    Mocha Tan

  • Light Stone

    Light Stone

  • Taupe


  • P Beige

    P. Beige

  • Barn Red

    Barn Red

  • Clay


  • Galvalume


* Color samples may vary slightly from actual colors.

12 & 14 Gauge Framing

How robust do you want to go on the frames? 14 gauge is the industry standard when it comes to frame thickness. It is secure and can withstand most forces of nature. However, 12 gauge steel is thicker and mightier, which makes it even more resistant to the elements. It provides higher snow and wind loads ratings.

12'-24’ Wide Garages

26 & 29 Gauge Sheeting

The roof and side panels don’t have to be as strong as the frame. But you already knew that. Again, it all depends on how robust you want your steel garage’s roof to be. The standard 29-gauge is about 0.36mm thick while the 26-gauge is slightly thicker, at 0.48mm. The 26-gauge roofing sheets can take more loads, are less prone to denting, and have an enormous contribution to the final sturdiness of your building.

12'-24’ Wide Garages


Metal structures are robust and designed to last, just like your 12-24’wide garage will be. But steel also has a high strength-to-weight ratio (which makes it lighter than conventional material), hence easier to blow away. This means that your garage is only as reliable as the anchors that keep it firmly secured to the ground. The good news is that we have something for every scenario, from bare ground to asphalt and concrete:

  • Rebar anchors: measuring over 30 inches long, rebar anchors are standard for gravel and ground installations. They are drilled through the base rails and hammered into the ground. However, they are not very useful in windy areas. High winds shake and erode the area around the structure, which impacts the stability of the entire thing.
  • Mobile home anchors: sometimes referred to as auger anchors, these can also be used for installations on a bare surface with no foundation. They are driven into the soil and hold on firmly, providing adequate support to your metal structure above ground. Auger anchors are the standard for certified ground installations, so you can be sure they offer better support than rebar anchors. You especially want to go with mobile home anchors if you are in a windy place or when installing on loose soil.
  • Concrete anchors: this is your go-to anchor when placing your steel garage on a concrete foundation. The installation involves drilling a hole into the concrete, putting the anchor in the hole, and fastening the nut. There are different sizes of these depending on the lateral thickness of the slab. These anchors provide firm anchorage by expanding when tightened, which is also why they can’t work on asphalt, gravel, or ground installations. They would cause such surfaces to crack or expand, leaving the anchor loose.
  • Asphalt anchors: Asphalt foundations are a mixture of sand, gravel, and tiny stones. Asphalt anchors are your best option when working with such foundations. They have barbs or screw-like threads on the sides, helping secure the structure on an asphalt foundation.
12'-24’ Wide Garages


Take no chances by going for a certified building. These buildings comply with local snow and wind load requirements. Therefore, they are safer, longer-lasting, and come with incredible warranties. Even if there are no certification regulations in your region, you could still go for a certified building. You know, just to be sure!

A Ton of Possible Applications for Your Metal Garage

We often want garages so that we can shelter vehicles, store equipment, or both. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, prefab steel garages are pre-engineered to meet an extensive range of needs, from residential to agricultural and commercial. As such, the possibilities of their uses are as broad as your imagination. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do with your 12-24′ wide custom garage:

  • Entertainment: Everyone always looks forward to some quality, relaxing time at home after the daily hassles and hustle. Whether it’s a place to kick up your feet and turn on the TV or space for playing indoor games, your garage is a contender looking to fulfill these needs. And, you could even divide the space between entertainment and other uses such as storage.
  • Storage space: A garage gives you a place to put all that clutter that’s taking up your living area, or simply store things that you don’t use often. Talk of holiday decorations, old files, gardening tools, sports equipment, and so much more! But that’s not all – you can even partition it, add a few more doors, and you have storage space for residential purposes.
  • Private gym: whether you are looking for a place to set up a traditional home gym or a Cross Fit gym, you can always find answers in your garage. You could fix up a rubber gym floor, get whatever equipment you like, put up your motivational fitness posters, maybe a giant mirror, and voila! You have the perfect gym at home.
  • Private Library: you don’t even need to take up all the space in your garage for you to have a home library. You only have to put up some shelves, perhaps add a study table, and you have a place for storing all your books as well as reading them. The best part is that, depending on how much space you have, you could still have room for your car, tools, or storage.
  • Office Space: need a place to work at home, look no further. Get anything between 12 to 24′ wide steel garages, and you have the perfect solution.
  • RV Shelter: steel garages come in various heights, and you can always adjust the height of the one you already have, creating more headroom to fit your RV. RVs spend most of their time parked and should, therefore, get adequate protection from the elements.
  • Shop: sometimes, you need a separate space for doing your craft or hobby. A metal garage is a perfect fit for storing your project, especially the messy ones. You could get a workbench with a beautiful stain-resistant surface, some cabinets, racks, and shelves. Again, you could still share the available space, amongst many other uses.
  • Practice Space: do you need a place to hone your talents? From music to dancing and much more, a steel garage’s got you covered. It has plenty of open space, which means you can use it for any type of training/practice that is achievable indoors.
  • Playroom: are you one of those parents who value active play? In this technological era, parents are increasingly concerned about kids getting glued to the screens. There’s a shared need for a dedicated playroom with space for kids to run around and play actively. Yet not everyone has enough space inside their home for a playroom. Well, don’t forget about the garage – it might just be the place you are seeking!

Certified VS Non-Certified Metal Garages: Which One is Perfect for You?

Garage buyers often get confused when they hear certified or non-certified garages. What if you pay dearly for a certified one and your dealer gives you a knock off? How would you tell the difference? Well, let’s put your mind at ease.

Some regions have metal building regulations that demand specific minimum snow and wind loads capacity. A certified steel building is pre-engineered to meet your local standards. It comes complete with blueprints that will help you pass the building inspection. Talking of which, if you know there’s building inspection for steel structures in your area, then you need a certified garage.

Certified steel buildings come with additional bracings and sometimes lower gauge metal (which is thicker and sturdier). They are stronger than non-certified ones, last longer, and can withstand the elements much more efficiently. Their rating is usually for wind speeds of up to 140-mph and snow loads of up to 30-PSF.

Even if there are no certification laws in your state, consider getting a certified steel garage for extra protection. However, non-certified ones will still get the job done where you don’t expect much snow and wind loads, and no certification is necessary by law.

Flexible Prices on Your 12-24′ Wide Garage

The price of whichever garage you choose to buy will be affected by various factors, including size, roof styles, added customizations, and location. In general, you can expect to pay from as low as $3600 for a 12×21 ft non-certified regular roof garage that’s 9′ tall (leg height) with a single roll-up door and 14-gauge galvanized steel frame. In comparison, a similar A-frame horizontal roof garage would go for about $3,700, while the vertical style comes in at approximately $4,400. Of course, the price goes higher with size and certification. For instance, a 24×46′ vertical style garage would sell at about $10,687, and an addition of $500 would get you certification for 140 mph wind + 30-PSF snow load.

Delivery and Installation of your 12-24′ Wide Garage is Free!

You don’t have to pay for the delivery when working with American Metal Buildings. Also, we provide the best lead time from when you order. You receive your product in 4-6 weeks only! If you live in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, expect free delivery and installation.

Financing Options For Your Building

To help ensure you can order and put your prefab metal building to use quickly and easily, American Metal Buildings offer two financing options. These fantastic programs make already-affordable metal buildings even more accessible to Americans.

Whether you opt for the financing program or the rent-to-own option, American Metal Buildings boast itself on its ability and willingness to help everyone find the financial plan that works best for them and their unique circumstances!

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12'-24’ Wide Garages
12'-24’ Wide Garages 12'-24’ Wide Garages

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12'-24’ Wide Garages 12'-24’ Wide Garages
12'-24’ Wide Garages
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