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American Metal Buildings offers a wide range of commercial metal buildings that are both affordable and reliable. We understand that businesses need durable structures that are cost-effective and can withstand extreme weather elements. That’s why we offer various steel structures, such as garages, barns, commercial carports, large metal buildings, custom buildings, agricultural buildings, and more. All these structures are designed to fit your exact business requirements, be it a sizable warehouse or a limited retail space. With our expertise and skill, we are sure to provide you with a cost-effective building that will last for generations.

Our building specialists understand your requirements, and they strive to make sure that your building meets your needs and fits your budget. Call us at +1 (877) 277-3060, and we will help you get the structure you want for your commercial project without any delivery and installation fee.


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Commercial Buildings and Vertical Roofs – A Match Made in Heaven

While many metal buildings have three roof options, commercial metal buildings are available exclusively with vertical roofs. These roofs are considered the best of the best for numerous reasons, including their top-of-the-line strength and impressive weight-bearing capacity. They are the most capable of standing up to inclement and extreme weather.

It is for these reasons that commercial buildings come with vertical roofs by default. They require the added strength and durability to meet regulations and ensure that your business stays safe, no matter what application the building is being used for.

No Two Businesses are the Same

So, why should their buildings be the same? American Metal Buildings understand the need for custom-fit buildings to fit your unique needs, which is why they allow you to completely customize your commercial metal building!

The size of the building is the most obvious customization you can make (other than maybe the color), but there are numerous other changes that can be made to personalize your commercial building to your liking. You can also choose the number and type of doors (roll-up and walk-in), the number and placement of windows, the thickness of the framing (12- or 14-gauge), and the certifications you need to ensure your building meets local standards.

Sizes and Pricing – Get the Best Bang-for-Your-Buck

Commercial metal buildings come in a variety of standard sizes, ranging in width from 30’ to 80’ and lengths of 40’ to 100’ and beyond. Of course, you can choose a completely custom size that will adequately fit your needs, too!

The size of your building will influence its price, as will the customizations you make. Your location can also have an impact on the final price of your new commercial building. The starting price for a commercial metal building is approximately $13,500.

American Metal Buildings offer financing programs, including a rent-to-own option, to ensure that you can put your commercial metal building to work sooner rather than later!

Securing the Correct Building Permits

American Metal Buildings offer delivery and installation of commercial metal buildings in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Before you order and install your commercial building, though, you need to ensure that you have secured the correct building permits for your area.

Failing to get the right building permits before construction can result in penalties and forced removal of your new building, sending you back to square one (or worse). Be sure to research thoroughly, contact those who are knowledgeable of the requirements in your area, and communicate those things with American Metal Buildings so that your commercial metal building can be constructed properly the first time!

Why Pick American Metal Buildings?

When investing in your business, you want to work with the best. Well, American Metal Buildings is the go-to dealer of metal buildings in the United States for a reason—they are the best. Check out a few of the ways that their buildings are unique and offer tremendous advantages below.

  • Durable and Long-Lasting – If you’re looking for an investment that will provide you with years and years of functionality, look no further. Commercial buildings from American Metal Buildings are incredibly durable and long-lasting, ensuring they’ll facilitate your growth for years to come.
  • Weather Resistant – Whether you experience torrential rains, heavy snowfall, or strong winds, a commercial metal building from American Metal Buildings is sure to endure it and keep your business safe.
  • Fireproof – Unlike traditional wooden structures, commercial metal buildings are not at a high risk of fire thanks to their steel construction.
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free – Resistant to pests, mold, and other challenges that traditional wooden structures face, commercial steel buildings require little to no maintenance, making your life easier than ever.
  • Affordable – Because of their unique design, commercial metal building prices are much lower than other options on the market.
  • Versatile – No matter what your needs may be, commercial metal buildings from American Metal Buildings can facilitate them!

If you and your business are ready to expand, you’ve come to the right place. Call our experts today on +1 (877) 277-3060 for more information, to receive a quote, or to place an order on your custom dream commercial metal building!

Commercial Metal Buildings Commercial Metal Buildings
Commercial Metal Buildings
American Metal Buildings
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Didn’t find what you are looking for, try our 3D Building Designer to design a building for your needs here

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