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30x51x12 Metal Garage

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  • (SKU- PRD6-2364)

This Building includes

  • Style: Garage
  • Roof: Black
  • Trim: Black
  • Gable End Siding: Pewter Gray
  • Side Wall Siding: Pewter Gray
  • Size: 30'x51'
  • Roof Style: Vertical Style
  • Roof Overhang: 6"
  • Leg Style: Standard
  • Gauge: 14-Gauge Framing
  • Brace: Standard Brace
  • Engineer Certified: Certified
  • Leg Height: 12'
  • Left Side: Fully Enclosed
  • Left Side Siding: Horizontal
  • Right Side: Fully Enclosed
  • Right Side Siding: Horizontal
  • Front End: Fully Enclosed
  • Front End Siding: Horizontal
  • Back End: Fully Enclosed
  • Back End Siding: Horizontal
  • Trusses: Triple Wide
  • Roll Doors & Ramps: 101x10' Garage Door
  • Doors & Ramps: Walk-In Door (36x80)
  • Windows & Accessories: 30W x 30H Windows
  • Frameouts Corner Style: Square (Traditional)
  • Additional Options: 1/4" Double Bubble Insulation: Roof
  • Additional Fees: 20% Manufacturer Material Surcharge Sidewall Frameout
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Storing Goods and Machinery

A metal building has many commercial benefits for your business. The storage space and security of your equipment are essential for the company. Many metal structures are being used as a warehouse to protect your power tools and equipment. They are best suitable for storing boats, cars, vehicles, and machinery. Metal garage buildings are a safe and secure place to park your automobiles and other valuables.