When people hear about site preparation, they tend to imagine heavy equipment tearing up their property. But despite popular belief, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Site preparation are the simple steps you must take to ensure a quick and easy installation for your steel building. By following these few steps, you can be sure the assembly crew will install your structure property. Keep in mind, all site preparation must be completed before the unit can be installed.

Preparing the Site

Site preparation is one of the most important steps to having a prefab metal building installed on your property. And while it’s quite easy to complete all site prep, it’s also your responsibility as the customer to complete it. American Metal Buildings does not provide assistance with any of the groundwork or other site preparation. If for some reason you do not complete all your site prep, there is a chance the assembly crew cannot install your structure. There is also the chance that if they do install it, it will minimize the structural integrity of the unit.

  • Location

    The first step to preparing your site for assembly is to choose the ideal install location. It will need to be clear of all debris and vegetation, leveled, and accessible to the installation crew. If there is more than a 50-foot difference between your site and the delivery truck, additional fees may be charged. Additional labor fees may also be charged if your site isn’t level.

  • Required Permits

    Depending on the county you live in, you may or may not be required to obtain a permit for your structure. While your local building department can provide you with more information about the permits in your area, it’s important that you obtain all those required. If not, you may be required to take the structure down.

  • Groundwork

    Groundwork is one of the most important steps to take during site preparation. Before you can have your foundation laid down, the area must be clear of all vegetation and debris. Once clear, it must also be leveled and packed.

  • Foundation

    After you have completed the groundwork and obtained all required permits, you must choose a proper foundation for your prefab steel building. If you opt for a concrete pad, you should allow it to set for 72 hours to ensure it is ready for the pressure of a metal structure.

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